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Summer Camps!

 Summer Ballerina Camps  

Tutus & Fairytales presents six magical, ballerina camps for a summer filled with dancing! Dancers will twirl and leap into Fairytale enchantment with beloved stories, exquisite costumes, sparkling tiaras, beautiful tea parties, special crafts, and lots of dancing with ballerina friends! All camps are offered with a new theme each week, and each day offers a new story and activities! Choose the themed camp of your choice  and  join us for a week of enchanting fun!


 (CAMP 1)  Storybook Ballet Princess: 
Liberty -(June 7-9 )  Columbiana - (June 14-16)

Celebrate the wonder and magic of classical ballet in this Royal Camp! Four of your daughter’s favorite Disney
princesses (different from the Fairytale Princess camp) will come to life in this Royal Ballet Camp! Many of the world’s famous ballets comes form storybook princesses. First, your sweet ballerina will have a sparkle, make-up session form a real Ballerina Princess as she gets ready for her ballet ball. After her ballet lesson all princesses will adorn themselves in dazzling princess gowns, tutus and tiaras. Then, her majesty will waltz in a storybook castle while rehearsing for the Royal Ball. Of course, all princesses enjoy tea parties! Learn how to be polite as a princess during our Princess Tea Party with Etiquette Lessons. Adorable crafts, princess games and royal activities make this a camp full of princess dreams come true!  

(Camp 2: Angelina Ballerina's Adventure!
Liberty -(June 21-24) Columbiana - (June 28-30)

Angelina Ballerina is a pretty little mouse who wants more than anything else, to become a ballerina. If you have your own pretty little mouse who’s dancing all around your cottage then bring her to dance with everyone’s favorite ballerina mouseling-Angelina Ballerina! Dance with Angelina in an exciting ballet adventure as you meet all of her friends including, her best friend Alice, and of course, Miss Lilly, the Ballet teacher!  We’ll bring the remarkable stories of Angelina Ballerina to life through dance, music, crafts and games! Come learn Angelina’s favorite ballet positions and terminology! Your little mouseling will also enjoy daily tea parties and make special props to use in our gala performance at the end of each camp day! Magnificent! 

(Camp 3: Dancing in Fairyland!
Liberty - ( July 6-8) Columbiana (July 12-14)
Everyone knows that fairies love to dance and have magical tea parties! Fly over to our enchanted Fairyland and a real Fairy will greet your tiny fairy and lead her into the enchanted ballet garden for her fairy make up! Then the dancing begins! A lot of preparations need to be made for the Fairy Ball. So we will practice our Fairy Dance with our new friends, and make fairy-fantastic crafts and props.  Fairy games, magical activities, and fairy music will fill the air as we frolic in the twinkling lights of Fairyland. Each day your sweet fairy will get to choose her own fairy outfit - complete with wings, flower crowns, and fairy wands. Learn fairy secrets and the magic of the dancing fairies in this whimsical ballerina camp! Clear your schedules now, Fairy Queen and King! You are both invited to the Fairy Ball, held on the last day of this magical camp! Be sure to bring your cameras!

(Camp 4: Fancy Nancy-Bonjour Ballerina!

Liberty -(July 19-21) Columbiana (July 26-28)
Bonjour ballerina (that’s fancy for "Hello!"), let’s be Fancy in this exquisite camp! Fancy Nancy loves anything fancy; but of course, she loves ballet because of the fancy French terminology like “pirouette” (that’s fancy for "turn") and “Grand Jete” (that’s fancy for "leap")! In this perfect camp, girls will get to pick from our wardrobe of dresses, tutus, and accessories. They will dance to wonderful music while learning all the ballet steps they need to be fancy! No Fancy Nancy camp would be complete without... you guessed it, a Fancy Tea Party with all the yummies! During our tea party, girls will also learn proper etiquette and napkin folding. Ballet dancing, beautiful costumes, creative crafts, and fun activities make this camp irresistible for little girls! 

(Camp 5: Fairytale Ballet Princess!
Liberty -(Aug2-4) Columbiana (Aug 9-11)

Calling all little girls who love to dance and twirl around their castle! Get her carriage ready and bring her to this royal ballet celebration! Discover the secrets behind where princesses learn to curtsy and why they are so graceful. Could it be that they study ballet? Four Disney Princesses (different from our Storybook Princesses) are celebrated in this enchanting camp! Princesses will be greeted by a real princess and be taken to her sparkle make-up session before her ballet class. Sparkling gowns, princess wands, and jeweled tiaras await her during dress up time. The fairytale continues for your petite princess with a lavish tea party, complete with a proper princess etiquette lesson. Royal crafts, dancing games, and activities await your petite ballerina princess!

(Camp 6: Ballerina Barbie
Liberty (Aug 16-18) Columbiana (Aug 23-25)

Your child will love singing and dancing to her favorite Barbie music in this fun camp! Your petite ballerina will be welcomed by a real ballerina wearing a glittering tutu, and will be taken to the Diamond Castle for her sparkling make-up session. During our Fairytale Ballet Class, we’ll dance on islands, twirl through castles, and leap in the countryside while wearing exquisite, hand-made costumes! On one day of the camp we’ll have a Barbie doll clothing exchange! Bring your Barbie and one outfit that you'd like to exchnage for a new one! Girls will also receive a beautiful hand-made tutu for their favorite Barbie doll! Tea Parties, themed crafts, dancing games, and a special performance make this camp fit for Barbie herself

Camp Date      Deadline

June Camps      May 1st

July Camps       June 1st

Aug. Camps      July 1st

Registrations may be mailed to The Stage Door School for Performing Arts

                                                      982 Tibbetts-Wick Rd

                                                      Girard, Ohio 44420

Or for your convenience you can register on line   under our tutus & fairytales page.

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